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TENTACLE is a video company based in London.

> TENTACLE POST does high-impact short-form editing, VFX, animation, motion graphics, colour and audio post.

> TENTACLE LIVE does advanced remote production, outside broadcast, secure streaming, playback and cloud comms.

We’re always happy to advise or quote without obligation. Drop us a message and the right person will get straight back to you.

We’re a commercial post-production studio with a head for complexity. We’re a video engineering service at the deep end of live streaming and multicam direction. We’re a creative partner, a multidisciplinary problem solver.

We work in a diverse mix of industries – marketing agencies and brands, media companies and corporations, and music & arts organisations.

To anyone looking for quality video and/or livestream production, Tentacle offers a rare combination of credibility and flexibility. Our focus on creative technology solutions enables us to produce nimbly and efficiently.

Why combine a post house with a live production company?

Our Live Production benefits from the design chops and brand-centricity of our Post team. Making elegant graphics and video content that speak the right language aesthetically would be beyond the skillset of most live production companies, whereas we do it every day.

Our Post Production benefits from our Live team’s technical depth, and obsessive focus on workflow optimisation. We’re able to comfortably manage complexities that most post houses would struggle with, and our facility with video engineering makes us particularly good at remote collaboration.

Offering end-to-end solutions.

We’re able to deliver the most value when Live and Post come together.

West Ham United asked for an immersive video experience to unite all the screens in the Olympic Stadium. We devised and produced the content, collaborating with WHU’s production contractors to develop a solution that broke new ground for the stadium creatively and technically.

Publicis Groupe was pitching for a massive global account. We combined our London production crew and MCR, live feeds from 12 countries, and post-produced segments to deliver a necessarily flawless series of complex 3-hour live presentations with interactive Q&A.

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About - TENTACLE | Post and Live Production in London
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About - TENTACLE | Post and Live Production in London
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For companies that are looking for quality video and/or livestream production, Tentacle is a sweet-spot of credibility and flexibility. Unlike other similar-sized shops, Tentacle is fueled by creative technology solutions because we believe great production can be achieved in efficient and nimble ways.