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Outside Broadcast. Hybrid Events. Robust As-Live Playout. Live Compositing. Asset Design. Post Production.

We do livestream events and live music. Agency pitch presentations and corporate AGMs. Remote interviews and presenter-led content with virtual sets. Big-screen immersive experiences. Consultancy and installation.

We’re always happy to advise or quote without obligation. Drop us a message and the right person will get straight back to you.

We specialise in advanced live stream projects, multicam production, video engineering and creative thinking.

Commercial creators might come to us because they’re trying to achieve something innovative with a high-stakes live stream, or because they need a collaborator with as much design acumen as technical depth.

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Your basic remote production scenario is a presenter in one location and their director in another, connected virtually.

More advanced setups involve multicam layouts, combinations of local and remote presenters in different time zones, local and remote audiences, and animated pitch decks.


All the kit and people needed for broadcast-quality OB. Rapidly deployable low-footprint technology, optimised for multicam events such as festivals, concerts, sports and conferences.


We’re often asked to stream already-produced content with the added certainty and stability of live production hardware and professional network infrastructure, with multiple connections and layers of failsafe precautions.


No longer just for weather presenters. Using Unreal Engine and live compositing hardware, either here in our studio or set up in larger facilities, we love to shoot in virtual environments. Developed for high-end drama and low-end music videos, this new approach to video becomes more broadly useful every year.


Our in-house digital design team has lots of experience devising titles, idents, virtual sets, and other media for live events of all kinds. Our clients – labels, brands, agencies, corporations – value our ability to make things look good.


Our post studio creates cutdowns and trailers of live content for all the platforms as well as adding subtitles, grade and dubbing mix.


And we’re able to deliver the most value when Live and Post services come together.

Most things that are produced live will also exist as post-produced content – to bring the two under one roof ensures maximum efficiency and consistency.

See our Post Production services to learn more about our full capabilities.

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Our services include: Outside Broadcast. Hybrid Events. Robust As-Live Playout. Live Compositing. Asset Design. Post Production. Usually in the context of: Livestream events. Live music. Agency pitch presentations. Corporate AGM productions. Hybrid events. Remote production & remote interviews. Presenter-led content with virtual sets. Big-screen immersive experiences. Consultancy & installation.