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Professional outside broadcast production used to be so expensive. And for good reason – the truck, the crew, the bulky cameras, the 📡.

Modern outside broadcast is a different beast. We no longer need the truck, and our crews and cameras are much smaller. We’re able to use low-footprint technology to achive things that didn’t used to be possible.

But the core deliverable hasn’t changed – a rock-solid feed that looks and sounds incredible.

We’re always happy to advise or quote without obligation. Drop us a message and the right person will get straight back to you.

Video streaming has a lot of hidden complexity!

A modern live production will often stream to multiple platforms, with cross-platform comment moderation feeding into live-rendered graphic overlays. The director, presenter, contributors and client team are unlikely to be in the same location, or using the same type of camera, mic or monitoring. The viewers of course are all over the world, on all manner of devices.

Many of our clients found their way to us after being let down by a more traditional outside broadcast solution, or attempting to handle Outside Broadcast in-house. We have the advantage of having evolved from a dedicated live streaming company founded in 2011, rather than begrudgingly re-skilling post-pandemic.

We often handle video production, outside broadcast as well as post.

A typical TENTACLE crew will devote as much resource to lights & lenses as to signal chains and comms architecture. Our Outside Broadcast production team includes masters of multicam cinematography as well as advanced network engineers.

Meanwhile, our busy post studio is ready to contribute commercial-grade motion design, colour & mix, or fast-turnaround magic with several editors working in parallel, coordinated by an experienced Post Director and Project Manager.

There is no industry standard.

TENTACLE directors and technicians are comfortable with every flavour of digital video, from webcams on laptops to iPhones on gimbals to ARRIs on jibs.

Generally we’re shooting on digital cinema cameras, as well as this season’s range of DSLRs, action cams, PTZ systems and AI tools.

The ability to spec the right spanner is increasingly important, when the art and science of online video are evolving faster than much of the video industry.

Tentacle technicians at work behind the scenes

TENTACLE is a video company.
Live from London since 2011.

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TENTACLE - Post Production | Services
Our services include: Creative. Editing. VFX. Motion Design. 2D/3D Animation. Finishing. Usually in the context of: Social ads. TVCs. Music videos. Artist content. Title sequences. Agency pitch films. Mood films. Pitch films for TV series. Experiential video.