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CASE STUDY ⇩ ⇩ ⇩ Services: Remote Multi Camera Production, Post Production Deliverables 60min As-Live Concert Film

Cult art-rock group Vanishing Twin had been invited to produce a live ticketed concert experience from lockdown.

Vanishing Twin is a band with strong creative direction of its own. Their label brought us on board to realise the band’s vision.

We worked with the artist’s creative team to build and light a surreal set which would evolve throughout the show.

With controlled lighting and no live audience, this was a perfect job for a fleet of iPhone 12s on handheld gimbals, enabling the camera team to get up close to the musicians, allowing for a dynamic and intimate broadcast.

We handled all aspects of live capture, comms, and remote direction.

The band’s sound engineer supplied us with a stereo mix of the performance. This and the camera feeds were beamed back to our MCR (Master Control Room). Our comms system connected all crew to the MCR wirelessly, enabling our live director to direct the on-site crew in real-time.

VANISHING TWIN Pensiero Magico Livestream

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WORK - Production | Vanishing Twin - Pensiero Magico Concert Film
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WORK - Production | Vanishing Twin - Pensiero Magico Concert Film
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Tentacle,London,UK-E8 3DL,
Telephone No.0207 9657 335
Tentacle, a post production and live production company, handled the remote multicam production, including live direction, and post production of this 60 minute Vanishing Twin concert film.